Introducing Our New Virtual Workshop...
Introducing Our New Virtual Workshop...
Your Perfect Niche GPS
We'll Find & Choose A Fun Niche Which Is Not Only Wildly Profitable As A Complete Beginner, But Is Also A Perfect Fit For YOU!
Your Perfect Niche GPS
We'll Find & Choose A Fun Niche Which Is Not Only Wildly Profitable As A Complete Beginner, But Is Also A Perfect Fit For YOU!
From the Desk of James Francis
San Diego, USA
So you've decided you want to start a business...
But so far all you've felt is overwhelm and confusion about how to get started.
Say "yep" in your head if any of these found familiar:
  • You're struggling to come up with ideas for a niche that isn't saturated...
  • You're struggling to choose between those ideas...
  • You feel like you chose the wrong niche, even after choosing one...
  • ​You feel like you have no idea what to say in your marketing and/or content...
  • ​You feel like you can't possibly compete with your competitors...
And honestly I'm not surprised, as there are literally thousands of different niche choices - and you only need to choose the one that is best for YOU.
This niche uncertainty and overwhelm is enough to stop you in your tracks for several months - or sometimes even years.
But here's a crazy question for you...
What If You Didn't Have To "Fake It Until You Make It", And Actually Enjoyed The Niche You Were In?
Sound too good to be true?
Hang tight. We’re about to show you exactly how.
Things Are More Different In 2021 Than They Ever Have Been
When I started my own business way back in 2008, it was pretty common to choose a random topic, throw up a site within 15 minutes and see some profit the very same day.
Case in point, I made my first profit selling step-by-step guides on how to build your own chicken coop. 
Yet I'd never built a chicken coop in my life, and I'd definitely never owned any chickens!
Nowadays the industry is more competitive than ever...
... but ONLY if you try doing the same old stuff and "fake it until you make it".
Your prospect is too savvy for that BS nowadays.
The truth is...
You're Never Going To See A Profit Unless You Choose The Perfect Niche For YOU And YOUR Specific Circumstances
That's why for the first time ever, I'll be sharing the recordings of our paid value-packed virtual workshop so we can do this together.
Think of it like a seminar without the expensive airfare and hotel room :-) 
Your Perfect Niche GPS
By the end of this 2 hour workshop, you'll have found and chosen a niche which is not only wildly profitable as a complete beginner...
... but is also on a topic you'll enjoy, where you'll never have problem knowing what to say, and something you can actually be excited about!
You'll get instant access to the workshop right inside your own dedicated members area, for life. 
PLUS you'll also get access to some other surprise bonuses, too.
Here's Everything That's Included:
  • Section #1: Effortless Niche Ideas (value $67)
  • Section #2: Which Niche Is Best? (value $47)
  • ​Section #3: Audience Intelligence (value $97)
  • ​Section #4: Niche Domination (value $57)
  • ​Section #5: The Bigger Picture (value $27)
  • ​​Section #6: Question & Answer Session With Me Personally (value $197)
  • ​​... And MUCH more!
Total Value = $492
Today's Early Bird Price = Just One Payment Of $7 USD
(No Upsells, No Recurring Billing)
Here's Exactly What We'll Cover During This Workshop - Your Perfect Niche GPS...
Section #1: Effortless Niche Ideas
  • The one niche that is THE best niche to go into right now (HINT: it's not what you think)
  • ​The E____ Method to generating fun and interesting niche ideas while also getting instant proof for your marketing 
  • ​​The 4 questions to ask which generate profitable niche ideas in 10 seconds or less
  • The I____ Method to reveal profitable niche ideas based on what sparks your interest
  • ​​The 3 most popular niches based on human needs and wants that will never be saturated
  • ​​The 3 simple ways to research the biggest trends for your niche
  • ​​And more!
Section #2: Which Niche Is Best?
  • The one free website which shows how profitable your niche ideas are in 10 seconds or less (HINT: it's NOT Clickbank)
  • ​How to identify a niche with good profitability in 2021
  • ​Examples of red flags to look out for
  • ​How to know when a niche will NEVER work for you
  • ​What the number 20 has to do with using the Clickbank marketplace to validate the profitability of your niche ideas
  • ​The 5 doubt-inducing factors you should never worry about when choosing a niche
  • ​How to ensure your niche choice will actually be fun for you to work with
  • ​The key to choosing ONE idea from all your ideas and profitability research so far
  • ​And more!
Section #3: Audience Intelligence
  • Why you should never go "full steam ahead!" once you've chosen your niche, and how it can end up in you losing a lot of money
  • ​The D____ & P____ attributes which tell us exactly what your prospects want to buy, and how they want to buy it
  • ​How to know your prospects' typical age, gender, education, typical job roles and more, so you can tailor your marketing to them
  • ​The three free website to find out exactly what your prospects are thinking about when researching your niche, so your marketing and website copy can connect with them instantly
  • ​Why it's not always a bad thing to go undercover in your niche, and how to do it to gain massive audience intelligence
  • ​And more!
Section #4: Niche Domination
  • The one method we use to help complete beginners get started, in a way that makes what your competitors are doing totally irrelevant
  • ​How to effortlessly stand out in a brand new niche as a beginner, even when you don't have the best solution or experience
  • ​The OS method which creates an emotional connection with your prospects, which turns them into raving fans and leads them to buy from YOU above anyone else
  • ​Why pretending to be an expert is a ticking time bomb, and the more effective thing to do instead
  • ​The 3 specific qualities which make your offers irresistible to your prospects
  • ​How to overcome a lack of experience (HINT: it's NOT about having a fancy website)
  • ​The IA method to multiply your effort when you have a lack of time
  • ​The exact mindset you need for a 6-7 figure business
  • ​And more!
Section #5: The Bigger Picture
  • My personal biggest takeaways from the whole workshop, spoke from experience
  • ​The key to laying the right foundations in your online business
  • ​What to do if you're at a disadvantage to your competitors right now
  • ​What to do if something holds you back
  • ​Your next steps to make a profit in your newly-chosen niche
  • ​And more!
Section #6:​​ Question & Answer Session
  • The full recording of the previous attendees asking me questions, live on air
  • ​What about if you're selling to local businesses?
  • ​Get help with your niche choices and/or profitability
  • ​Discover the best plan of action for your specific niche
  • Finally know how to overcome issues that have been holding you back
  • ​And more!
It's Everything You Need To Lay The Foundations For A Wildly Profitable Business You Actually Enjoy
I Love Helping People Find Their Perfect Niche, Because Finding My Perfect Niche Changed My Life Forever
When I started my business way back in 2008, I was flicking between niches like television channels.
I couldn't seem to find something I connected with, which made it difficult to know what to say and ultimately led to me going round in circles.
But as soon as I discovered the perfect niche for me, my business soon hit $500k in sales per year - and the family-focused lifestyle that came with it...
It Also Helped My Other Clients, Too...
... Not to mention the hundreds of other six-figure success stories we have on our website.
But now let's talk about you.
By The End Of The Workshop, You'll...
  • ​​Have chosen your perfect niche that is profitable in the long-term, matches your vision for your business, and you find interesting and fun
  • ​​Have the right foundations laid to finally move forward quickly with your business and multiply your results
  • Be able to live your perfect family-focused lifestyle without stressing out over your niche
  • Find it effortless to market products and services online
  • ​Know exactly what to say to your new audience
  • ​And more!
Still Have Questions? No Problem! I Have Answers...
Q) Are there any upsells?
A) Nope, not a single one! You'll reach the confirmation page immediately after submitting the order form.
Q) Why are you doing this?
A) If you find the content in the workshop valuable, we'd love you to ask us about working together in our more premium programs (e.g. our Inner Circle coaching program). But this is totally optional, and our main focus is helping as many people as possible here.
Q) Is the price really just $7?
A) Yep, it's really just $7 USD. As this is our first workshop of this type, we're going to be testing higher price points in the next few days. So if you want to get in for the lowest price possible, I'd recommend grabbing it now before that happens.
Q) Am I going to need any additional software or tools?
A) Nope! Everything we do in the workshop can be done for 100% free.
Q) In one sentence, can you tell me what I'll get out of this?
A) Sure! You'll finally have a profitable niche for an online business that you find interesting and fun, which you can dominate as a complete beginner - instead of feeling inauthentic and trying to "fake it until you make it".
You Have One Last Thing To Do...
To get instant access to Your Perfect Niche GPS, please click the big orange button below.
When you do so, you’ll be taken to a secure order page where you’ll enter your full name, email, and billing information. From there, just click the green button.
After that, your login information to access the workshop in our secure members area will be sent to the email provided. This might take a few minutes to process, so be patient and make sure to check your spam/junk/promotions folder if you don’t see it right away.
I’ll see you inside.
J. Francis
James Francis
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.
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