The New Approach To Creating A Profitable Side Hustle...
The New Approach To Creating A Profitable Side Hustle...
Less Than Half Of Adults Have More Than $1,000 In Their Bank Account Right Now…
... But With The Prosperity Formula, You Can Join The Wealthy Minority.
Less Than Half Of Adults Have More Than $1,000 In Their Bank Account Right Now…
... But With The Prosperity Formula, You Can Join The Wealthy Minority.
From the Desk of James Francis
If you’re hungry to boost your income, but aren’t quite ready to launch a serious business…
... this may be the most important letter you read all month.
Over the next few minutes, I’m going to explain how you can:
  • Launch a side hustle that could generate up to $500 to $2,000+ per month (in just a few hours each week)
  • ​Enjoy life’s luxuries without worrying if you can “afford” it 
  • Have a lifestyle of choice, freedom, and abundance
  • ​And pay off student loan, credit card, and mortgage debt.
So, if you’re ready to finally take control of your finances, retirement, and wealth…
... I invite you to finish this short letter now. Why?
Because over the next few minutes, I’m going to explain how you can put an end to your money anxieties once and for all.
More important, I’m going to show you how to do so without using:
  • Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency
  • Trading or investing
  • Taking surveys (LOL)
  • ​Amazon / drop-shipping
  • ​SEO / Blackhat link building
  • ​Or any of that stuff.
Dear Friend,
My name’s James Francis, and while I do well for myself, I’m the total opposite of a “guru.”
I don’t have millions of followers. I’ve never ridden in a private jet. And while I do have a nice car (explained below), I have zero interest in living the “Instagram life.”
What I do care about though is selling stuff online with as little effort as possible (and being able to do so whenever I want).
In fact, I’ve created a system for selling digital products to people who are already searching the web for solutions.
Meaning, they need help with something and are ready to spend money to get that help!
This system is so reliable that over the last 11 years, I’ve helped more than one thousand people create life-altering side hustles.
More important, I’d like to show you how to do the same.
As you’re about to see, The Prosperity Formula allowed me to go from broke - on the verge of getting kicked out of my fiance's house - to living a life of freedom.
So while I’m not an “influencer,” and don’t fly around in private jets, The Prosperity Formula has helped me to:
  • Travel: Over the last year I’ve visited a whopping 11 travel destinations, including Mexico City, Cancun, San Diego, Miami, Orlando, the UK and Denver.
  • Get My Dream Car: I know I know, the Lamborghini is super cliche. But it was my dream car when I was a kid, what can I say?
  • Live Debt Free: Forget the glitz and glam... knowing I don’t owe anyone anything is the most liberating feeling in the world.
  • Spending Cash: It’s amazing knowing I can order whatever I want off the menu and not have to worry about the bill!
  • Time with Family: By turning my side hustle into my full-time focus, I get to pick when and where I work... every single day!
But make no mistake about it... the journey to get here was no easy feat.
In fact, before figuring this stuff out, I was surrounded by druggies headed for a life of crime.
How I Discovered The Prosperity Formula
In my first year of college, my dorm assignment landed me with a bunch of young guys who wanted to party and do drugs all day.
Desperate to get some peace and quiet, I spent most of my time at the library.
After studying, I’d research ways to make money online (so I could move out and get my own place).
Unfortunately, this got me nowhere fast. In fact, I fell for every gimmick out there:
Paid surveys. Blackhat SEO. You name it, I tried it.
But no matter how much effort I put in, none of it worked.
My Early Attempts To Make Money Online Failed Massively
As you can imagine, the constant disappointment of always failing was starting to take its toll.
Unfortunately, the job market wasn’t much better. Fresh off the back of the 2008 recession, the headlines were terrifying.
Millions of jobs had been lost. Recent graduates couldn’t find work. Studies showed college degrees were becoming less and less valuable.
But that wasn’t all.
What scared me was the fact men and women with decades of experience had been fired just like that.
One day they’re 25 years into a respectable career, the next day they’re unemployed. Poof. Gone.
Surrounded by uncertainty - and a rapidly shifting job market - I decided it was time to get serious about making money online.
And I wasn’t the only one.
After three months of living with my fiancé and her family, her parents had finally had enough. So they gave me an ultimatum:
“Pay rent or leave.”
When my fiancé told me, the shame was unbearable.
Deep down, I’d wanted to prove I was a ‘man’ and could take care of their daughter.
But in reality, I was dead broke and couldn’t even take care of myself.
Desperate not to let my fiance down, I committed to figuring out this online business stuff.
But this time, I did things different.
Rather than chasing all the get rich quick schemes, I put my focus on helping people.
Rather than trying to sell something to anybody who would listen, I created content designed to solve people’s problems.
In short, I shifted from serving myself... to serving others.
And wouldn’t ya know, within 30 days I’d made enough to pay my fiance's family three months of rent upfront.
Admittedly, her parents weren’t asking for a huge sum each month. But to me it didn’t matter... I’d proved this online thing could work.
And not just once based on luck. Instead, I was making consistent sales day in and day out.
And if you’re still here reading with me, I’m here to tell you that you can too. How?
The Prosperity Formula
Here’s what you need to know about The Prosperity Formula.
Fact #1 - This works in ANY niche imaginable.
When I was first getting started, I use The Prosperity Formula to earn over $1,000 selling products about how to build chicken coops…
... even though, before starting, I didn’t even know what a chicken coop was!
As you may have heard: “The riches are in the niches.”
And with The Prosperity Formula, you can generate income in almost any niche where people are spending money.
Fact #2 - The Sales Come In Within Days of Launching
Since the Prosperity Formula uses templated mini-sites to drive sales, there’s no tech or coding to get bogged down with.
Instead, we launch our mini-site and start sending visitors to it the same day.
Because of this, it’s common to start seeing sales within 1-3 days of launching.
Fact #3 - You Only Need A Few Hours Per Week
Let’s face it: Most everyone is busy these days.
Because of that, I built The Prosperity Formula so you could use it to get results in just 3-5 hours per week.
What Makes The Prosperity Formula Different
The Prosperity Formula is designed for beginners. Period.
As you may have seen, many trainings on the market assume you already know how to:
  • Build a ‘sales funnel’
  • ​Create your own products
  • ​Write high converting sales copy
  • ​Set up a merchant processing account
  • ​Create engaging content
  • ​Run an A/B split-test campaign 
  • ​Drive organic traffic
  • ​Run expensive paid ad campaigns
With The Prosperity Formula, however, I didn’t make any assumptions.
Instead, we’ll start at the beginning and go through each phase step-by-step.
And since I know you’re busy, we’ll focus on having you do the bare minimum needed to get a mini-site up and making money fast.
In fact…
You Can Do This Even If You Commute Back And Forth To A Full-Time Job
Most trainings on the market assume you’ve already left your job and are building a full-time business.
But with The Prosperity Formula, you can start driving sales in just a couple hours per week.
And the best part?
Once you start making money, you’ll have the FREEDOM to decide whether or not you should quit your job.
More important...
The Prosperity Formula Is Based On A Proven, Repeatable System
Doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, 20 or 60, tech wiz or computer dunce.
Because we start at the beginning - and show you how to do everything step-by-step - anyone can make this work.
In fact, I’ve seen people from most every walk of life - from teachers to accountants - generate extra cash using The Prosperity Formula.
Here’s What Some Of My Students Have Had To Say
Like, Isaiah, who went from $0 to $2,000 per month:
Or Todd, who sold $41,500 worth of courses in June of last year:
Not to mention everyone else below:
Can This Really Replace My 9-5 Income?
When I got started, I had to figure everything out on my own. Because of that, it took me years to earn a “regular” income.
But with The Prosperity Formula, you get to learn from my mistakes and leapfrog what can be a painful learning curve.
Because of that, the only limit to your success is how many mini-sites you can launch.
Since most people have a full-time job, they treat this as a side-hustle in the beginning.
Then once the sales are coming in, they’ll grow it until their mini-sites replace their 9-5 income.
And once you get to that point…
The Sky Is The Limit!
Doesn’t matter who you are or what your background is…
I truly believe in the depths of my heart anyone can earn a profitable income online.
How is that possible, when so many people are struggling financially?
Because once you understand the psychology behind WHY people spend money…
... and how you can ethically persuade strangers to spend their hard-earned cash with you
... you’ll have what 99.9999% of the population never will:
The ability to generate sales on demand.
And when you understand how to sell something to a stranger regardless of your circumstances…
You Can Increase Your Income Whenever You Want!
If you’re sick of your income depending on your boss, your company, and all those annoying taxes...
... it’s time to put The Prosperity Formula to work in YOUR life.
Now, I can’t legally or ethically guarantee your success.
Your ability to improve your financial situation depends entirely on how much effort you’re willing to put in. But here’s what I can tell you:
By using the Prosperity Formula, the odds of you actually making money online go WAY up. Why?
Because I’m going to show you exactly what’s working for me and my students right now.
It’s simple, easy to understand, and even easier for you to put into action.
With that said, the Prosperity Formula is not for everyone.
Who Should Get The Prosperity Formula?
  • Anyone who wants to earn an extra $500 - $2,000+ per month (in just a couple hours per week)
  • 9-5 employees hungry to increase their income (without jumping into entrepreneurship full-time)
  • ​Aspiring business owners who dream of being able to make their own schedule
  • ​Travel lovers who want to be able to work from anywhere
  • ​Anyone who wants to build a side hustle capable of fully replacing their 9-5 income
Here’s Who Should Not Get The Prosperity Formula...
  • Anyone who thinks it's possible to get rich quick without any effort
  • ​Anyone who can’t dedicate 3-5 hours per week to working on their mini-sites
  • ​People who refuse to follow simple step-by-step instructions
So What Is The Prosperity Formula?
The Prosperity Formula is a proven blueprint for creating a side hustle online, earning up to $500 - $2,000+ per month .
In particular, it’s a 18-module video course with step-by-step instructions for getting fast results.
Meaning, this could change your financial life forever. Why?
Because once you understand how to sell something to a stranger over the web…
... you’ll have one of the most powerful skills on the planet for increasing your income on demand.
How To Create More Mini Niche Sites Than You Can Handle…
Allowing You To Drive Your Profits As High As You Want!
Inside, I’ll unveil my four-step formula for creating profitable mini-sites in a matter of hours.
You’ll be blown away as I reveal how my students have made money in dozens of niches, including:
Back Pain - Health & Fitness - Debt Relief - Resume Preparation - Keto - Survival - Internet Marketing - Weight Loss - Coaching & Consulting - Copywriting - Mindfulness - And More!
Most important, you don’t need to be a computer wiz to use The Prosperity Formula. 
As long as you know how to use your keyboard and a mouse, you already have all the “tech skills” you’ll need to get results!
Because of that, you can say “Goodbye” to:
  • Waiting on your next bonus, raise, or promotion just to get some extra spending cash
  • Living paycheck to paycheck without being able to enjoy life’s little luxuries
  • Not being able to eat at the restaurants you want (or take your dream vacation)
  • ​Driving a car you hate (or having to share your car with a roommate or partner)
  • ​Staying stuck at a job you can’t stand just because “it pays the bills”
As I said before, I truly believe anyone who applies themselves can make money with The Prosperity Formula.
I’ve seen it in my own life and I’ve seen it in my students' lives.
But there’s one thing you need to understand:
Because This Is A Step-By-Step Blueprint, You Need To Follow The Steps
As you probably know, no one is going to hand you a profitable business on a silver platter.
If it was that easy, everyone on the planet would be rich by now!
Fortunately, all you need is a couple of hours per week to increase your income with The Prosperity Formula.
Meaning, your ability to create a profitable side hustle depends entirely on your ability to follow the steps.
Because of that, I’ve made this as dead simple for you as possible.
Just complete each module’s homework tasks and watch as the commission checks start to roll in.
Here’s A Small Sample Of What You’ll Find Inside The Prosperity Formula…
  • How to tap into a big money niche, even if you’re a total beginner
  • ​How to avoid wasting time on niches that will never make any money
  • ​My simple system for creating 3-page mini-sites that help you make multiple sales at the same time
  • ​Where to find niches where people will spend thousands of dollars on a solution (allowing you to earn hundreds of dollars for making just one sale)
  • ​How to create highly valuable content that motivates total strangers to pull out their wallets and buy
  • Why you do NOT need to create your own products (and why it’s easier and faster to get paid for other people’s expertise)
  • ​My plug-n-play email marketing templates for driving sales around the clock
  • ​The key to creating a base of loyal fans who know, like and trust you (and will buy most anything you recommend)
  • ​How to get tons of free blog traffic without having to spend all day writing
  • ​Not one, not two, but three strategies for driving free traffic to your mini-sites
  • ​How to tweak and test your mini-sites so you can maximize your daily earnings
  • ​How to create highly valuable content that results in total strangers pulling out their wallets
  • ​How to create highly valuable content that results in total strangers pulling out their wallets
  • ​And more!
Why Should You Believe Any Of This Is True?
#1 - The Prosperity Formula is designed so you can start making sales within 1-3 days of launching your mini-site.
#2 - Over the last 12 months, I've earned an average of $1,412 per day using this exact method.
#3 - My students have used the Prosperity Formula to generate extra cash in more than two dozen different industries.
#4 - Over the past few years I’ve taught over 5,000 people how to create profitable side hustles using the Prosperity Formula.
#5 - Because I’ve done it myself so many times, I can show you how to go from zero to making sales with as little effort as possible.
Sound good?
Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside...
  • Over eight hours of video content spread over 18 modules
  • ​Quizzes at every step to ensure you understand what you’re learning
  • ​Homework tasks for each module to ensure you’re not just learning, but taking action and driving results
  • ​Free resources galore (from worksheets to templates to free website plugins)
  • ​Simple spreadsheets that allow you to track the only three numbers that matter
  • ​An “Over My Shoulder” walkthrough of everything you need to do to earn side-hustle income (from setting up mini-sites to driving visitors and collecting payments)
Imagine The Possibilities...
So imagine.
Imagine finally being able to visit the pyramids of Egypt, beaches of Tahiti, or Northern Lights of Norway.
Imagine being able to get your dream car knowing full well you can afford the payments.
Imagine growing your mini-sites to the point they’re making MORE than your 9-5 salary…
... allowing you to quit your job for good!
And look, I know this sounds crazy.
But I’m not showing you my sales reports to make you think I’m a guru or something.
No, the real reason I show that stuff is to prove to you the Prosperity Formula really does work!
Ok Ok, How Much Does It Cost?!
Before I reveal the insanely low investment, consider this:
Most business coaches - myself included - charge anywhere from $500 - $1,500 per hour.
And that’s for just one hour of their time.
Given this, if I were to try and teach you this over the phone, plus take time to answer all your questions…
... it would take us at least 10 hours.
Meaning, even with the cheapest business coach possible, you’d have to spend $5,000 or more to learn this system.
But with The Prosperity Formula, you won’t even pay half that much.
In fact, you won’t even pay 1% of that!
While The Prosperity Formula normally costs $97, because you’re new to my world, I’m going to give you access for just $27.
A Measly $27 (One Time)
My Iron-Clad Risk-Free Guarantee
More importantly, I’m so confident The Prosperity Formula will work for you I double dog dare you to try it. Here’s what I mean.
After you sign up for the Prosperity Formula using the link below, I want you to go and test it out. Watch all the modules, then watch them again.
Then go out and try this stuff. Whether you have an hour a week - or ten hours - follow the step-by-step instructions laid out in the training.
If after giving this a good old fashioned “college try,” you’re not convinced The Prosperity Formula could help you make at least an extra $500 per month…
I will refund your payment in full. Meaning, I will send you a refund just for checking this out.
I am that confident this will work for you!
More importantly, I’m going to give you a full 365 days to try this. Meaning, even if you join us, wait until day 364, then decide you hate my face or something…
... I will still send you a full refund, no questions asked.
So, to get instant access to the Prosperity Formula now, please click the "Get Instant Access" button below.
Here’s What To Do Next
So, to get instant access to The Prosperity Formula now, please click the link or button below.
When you do so, you’ll be taken to a secure order page where you’ll enter your full name, email, and billing information. From there, just click the green button.
After that, your login information will be sent to the email provided. This might take a few minutes to process, so be patient and make sure to check your SPAM folder if you don’t see it right away.
Last, you can login straight into the training and begin planning your digital empire.
A Measly $27 (One Time)
I’ll see you inside.
J. Francis
James Francis
Founder & CEO, Digital Prosperity.
P.S. Remember, the biggest expense in business is NOT the money you “spend.”
Instead, the biggest expense is the money you could be making every month... but aren’t.
So, while a mere $27 is insanely affordable given what you’re getting here, remember:
Every month you don’t have a profitable side hustle is another month you lose out on potentially $500, $1,000, or even $2,000 in extra cash.
So, don’t let another day go by without giving this a shot.
You’ve read this far, and you’ve seen my guarantee, so you know there is no risk to you whatsoever.
Commonly Asked Questions
Briefly James, what is the product and how will it help me?
The Prosperity Formula is a digital online video course containing advice to start and grow a profitable online business while living your ideal lifestyle. It also includes resources to speed up your results and avoid "information overwhelm". The videos are streamed online in our secure online members area, so therefore it works with any operating system or device that can access the Internet with a stable internet connection.
James, how is the product delivered, and how quickly?
Within 5 minutes of your purchase being made successfully, you will receive a confirmation email (from "James Francis"), sent to the email address you used on the order form. If you do not receive your confirmation email within this time, please check your spam/promotions folder in case your email provider filtered it into there by mistake. 
This email will contain your login details for your unique account within our dedicated members area, where you can access the full product online instantly.
James, how do I contact you if I need help?
For Product Support, please contact the vendor HERE. For Order Support, please contact ClickBank HERE.
James, I barely have enough time as it is, how can I possibly make this work?
I created The Prosperity Formula for busy students, parents, and adults with full-time careers. So, as long as you have 3-5 hours per week, that’s all you’ll need.
James, I’ve tried a million other methods for making money online, why should this be any different?
A lot of the ‘systems’ you see for making money online are designed for people who have quit their jobs. Meaning, they’re designed for people who can dedicate 40-50 hours per week to building their business.
The Prosperity Formula, however, was designed for people who can only dedicate a handful of hours per week.
James, am I going to have to sell stuff to my family and friends to make money with this?
No! This has nothing to do with MLM, pyramid schemes or any of that.
Instead, you’ll earn commissions by using your mini-site to help other companies sell their products and services. Easy!
James, you don’t get it, I am HORRIBLE with computers…
Don’t worry. As long as you can use your mouse and keyboard to navigate social media, email, and the Internet in general, you’ll be fine.
How am I so confident in this?
Because the only remotely “advanced” software you will ever need to use is Drag n’ Drop.
Meaning, as long you know how to click a mouse, you already have all the “tech skills” you would ever need.
There's just one thing left to do...
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